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This reply is from Lockridge Animal Hospital. We are aware of the identity of this individual and have made an effort to reach the party by phone and mail. Although the website indicates a desire of the party to be reached they have not responded.

Review sites such as this where a party can say whatever they wish without factual evidence are harmful, derogatory and defamatory. An expression of "opinion " can tread very closely to libel and slander.

We have FULL DOCUMENTATION as to the date of this pets visits, owner comments, phone conversations, physical exam and diagnostic test results as well as monies expended. On June 23,2015 pet seen for exam, reduced appetite and what owner perceived as dental problems. Owner wished to schedule dental care for what they thought was a fractured tooth. Routine senior lab testing was ordered for this 15 year old kitty. Antibiotic was prescribed for the dental infection pending results. On June 24 the doctor called owner with results

Significant abnormalities were discovered with the patients liver as well as other tests. The doctor explained that the reduced appetite had been unlikely related to dental issues. The advice was given to admit patient for additional diagnostic evaluation and treatment for the abnormal findings and symptoms the cat was exhibiting. The potentially serious nature of these findings was explained. At this time the pet owner expressed financial reservations. The Dr. discussed a financing program known as care credit as well as various lesser cost outpatient alternatives. It was left that owner would consider these and call back. By June 26 we had heard nothing so the Dr. again initiated the call. After contact was made we were told that the patient was better, no longer lethargic and eating well. Further treatment and testing was again advised due to the abnormal findings.. again declined.

The Dr. asked owner to keep in touch as she was very concerned that something more serious was still at work and that this cat may deteriorate. On June 30 the Dr. made a call to check on patient . It was stated that the kitty was eating well. The owner indicated no desire to pursue more answers or treatment including dental care.

One more communication occurred on July 7 2015.. Again this hospital initiated the call.. owner had not called us. Owner stated that they felt that patient was much better, antibiotic had helped and they would call us if desired to pursue.

Nothing more from owner until Sept 12 , 2015.. Owner called us to say that kitty was doing poorly and a decision to euthanize had been made. The owner wanted record sent to AVC after hours emergency center as they wished to have the procedure done on a Sunday. We received a report from AVC informing us that the patient had been euthanized on Sept 13. Nothing in the report mentioned "brain tumor". We had sent condolences to the family only to discover this disparaging post a few days later. At no time did the owner ever contact this hospital to describe anything suggestive of such a diagnosis. A call to the AVC veterinarian who performed the euthanasia advised us that not only did he never discuss a brain tumor with the owner.. he never even met or spoke with them as they declined to be present with the kitty and dropped him off with an admitting technician for euthanasia. No one can make such a diagnosis without advanced imaging such as an MRI.

Lockridge Animal Hospital is not "newly established" It is one of the longest established veterinary hospitals in NH. Dr. Lockridge retired 20 years ago! We still care for his families pets!

We are an award winning hospital.. having been nominated for and received many distinguished recognitions by our wonderful clients! Our fee structure is very fair and we invite a point by point comparison of fees next to an invoice of any other quality hospital to prove it.

The individual who posted this brought pets to us for nearly TEN years.

Losing a pet is painful. It is human nature to be upset.. However,

Striking out maliciously and with false information at a group of people who have cared for their pets for many years is WRONG!

We have asked this owner in phone messages and in written letters which have gone without reply to reach out to discuss this matter.. If we erred in some way we want to understand where and how!

This is an unfair, unwarranted and malicious attack and the post should be retracted. Freedom of speech is a protected right in this wonderful country.. even if the comments are untrue and hurtful.


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